Second Time’s a Charm? Who knows…

Clarified Butter

Yes, this is the second time I’ve started a blog for ProGravix. The first iteration was developed and maintained using Google’s Blogger service, although all site files were hosted on ProGravix’s servers. Google discontinued their service where you could host your blogs on remote servers, and when that happened, I just decided to close down the blog. I should have kept the posts I had there, but maybe a fresh start is for the best.

I’m not exactly sure on how this blog will be used. I do my best to post current projects, and their finalized artwork, on Facebook for all to see. (Facebook has turned into a really cool way to share what we are up to). I guess the intent of this blog will be discovered over time.

This month marks the 12th year that ProGravix has been providing design services full time. Although the current market is troubled, it certainly feels good that ProGravix grows stronger each year. We’ve yet to discover if our growth has outpaced this recession, or if we are not affected by it. I venture to guess that it’s probably a little bit of both.

For the first several years, ProGravix offered graphic design services, limiting itself to printed material. Several years later came web development, which is now the largest part of our business. I must say, however, that the increase in our popularity was driven with extremely crazy offerings, such as logo design for $18.95. Since that time, we’ve create thousand of logos for companies all over the world, many of which have turned into satisfied repeat customers.

Another great success is our ability to grow without any sort of advertising. Certainly we take advantage of social media, search engines, and the like, however, we do not spend a single cent on advertising. Our customers are driven to us by other satisfied customer. It’s called effective Word of Mouthâ„¢, and it works.

Overall, I hope you become an avid reader of this blog. I will likely include tips and tricks for your design and web projects, and even share a little bit of what we are working on. I am excited that I have challenged myself with this new blog. Let’s see how long I can keep it up.

This has been today’s Clarified Butter.

Drew Lamont
Owner, ProGravix Digital Design